"Raise A Better Puppy With Socialization"
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 "Raise A Better Puppy"
             Was origionally a video. Now by popular demand it is now available on DVD.  Ron Stanfield has been raising
             World Class Labrador Retriever Puppies since 1981.  His puppies have been used as pets while many others
             have become fine hunting dogs, some of which have been involved in serious hunt test programs. A few others
             were fortunate enough to get to belong to serious field trial familys and had the chance to win the title of Field
             Champion. Other puppies that Ron has raised have become drug dogs and  others have been trained to find bombs,
             bodies and US. currency. Even a couple went on to be come seeing eye dogs. To function at every level the dog
             must have self confidence and be socialized to be able to function in crowds, some crowds may be hugh. Some of
             the dogs have to work in stairways and hallways, some may have to work on tarmacs at airports, in airplanes, in
             airports, on trains, boats or with officiers along busy super high ways.  In every case the dogs must be very self
             confident and not spooky. You wouldn't want a dog bouncing around scared of everything while You were
             inspecting baggage looking for a bomb.
             This program is about 30 minutes long and covers about 20 topics dealing with getting moma ready to breed, or in
             the case of an accidental breeding we still want the puppies to have every chance to be bold, and self confident and
             have a chance to grow up to live productive lives even as pets. We show how we build whelping boxes using rails
             help keep momma from smothering puppies in the corner of the whelping box. We take the mother to the vet prior
             to breeding and whelping,  We use collars of different colors to keep track of the puppies that may be the same color
             as the others so we can tell who is who all of the time.  We let them drag a short string on the collar so that when the
             sibblings grab it the puppies are introduced to the leash by littermates.  We deal with hygene and introduction to noise
             and water. We deal with shot schedules and most all the aspects of raising baby puppies until they are ready to go to
             their new homes.  We know that everyone don't raise sporting dogs and some of the things that we do with our retriever
             puppies wouldn't be necessary or practical with every litter. There are helpful hints through out this program that will
             help every newcomer to raising puppies.