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"Lame Duck's Family Tradition" Hank"  "Lame Duck's Family Tradition"

  Lame Duck's Family Tradition
Hank has a very nice pedigree, The last couple of generations were used here by Me doing guided Pheasant hunts.
         "Hank"  started his carrier when he was 12 weeks old.  The very first day he had a hold of every bird the pack                 brought back to me. Might only be on the tail or a wing, just what ever he could hang on to until they released it to
 Me, but he had a part of it in his mouth. That first season we flushed and retrieved  4,750 pheasants. By the time
          "Hank" was 8 months old he had had his mouth on all of those birds. 4,750. Since then he has helped flush about 8,000
          more birds and he is still three yrs old.  Four more months before he is 4 yrs old. He rides the 4 wheeler or Rhino and           when the pointers are pointing, and I get gunners where I want them I tell him to go flush the pointed bird. I release
           him with either "OK" or "Hank".  He will jump off of the ride and go in for the flush and sometimes he will stop and               point with the pointers.  Then  I have to tell him to flush it or fetch it. He is awesome.    

                                                                                            "Hank" Points Then Flushes                                                                                                  

"Hank" rides and then Flushes for Ron."Hank" Retrieves Goose      


Our Stud Fee is $750.   The fee is payable when you Your Puppies are born. If we need the intervention of a Vet, the fees for those services will be the responsibility of the owner.  In the event of a small litter. Our policy is that 4 puppys constitutes a litter. In this situation each puppies stud fee will be $175.  If you have 10 puppies the fee is still $750. The Stud fee is paid by $250.00 non refundable deposit, The balance of $500.00 is due when the puppies whelp.  I require the dogs to have a fresh brucellosis test before the breeding. In the event that I need to go to the airport to pick up the dog there is a $100. fee each way paid with the deposit. I'm three hours from DFW and Oklahoma City. Payable in advance. These dogs are bred to be first of all citizens, pets and then awesome in the field or just plain Great on the job as they produce great service dogs, narcotic's dogs, bomb dogs or cadivar dogs.


Ron Stanfield
2158 CR 4214
Knox City, Tx 79529