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We offer a head start program for people that don't have a place or the time to start a puppy. We have birds, water, decoys, lots of land, guns and everything you can think of to start a pup on his or her way to becoming your number one friend. We LOVE Puppies. We like to get them off to a big early start. We work hard to do an advanced socialization program. 

We believe that for the first 5 months puppies should mostly retrieve for the first part of their lives. I see puppies that have been taught sit at 7 weeks and then a whole regiment of obedience and some lack in the retrieving area and I think that its because they were conditioned to believe that they were good when they were sitting. I only require puppy to come to me during the first 20 weeks.  There are many reasons that the pup needs to come when called, even as a baby, maybe you just saw a vehicle turn onto the lane you are on or maybe you see a snake or alligator coming pups way. 

When you throw a dummy or bird for a puppy you are not sending him or her to retrieve, you are releasing the puppy to retrieve. Later when you get to advanced training and you are sending the dog to do a blind retrieve, then and only then are you SENDING the dog to retrieve. The training comes into play getting the dog to sit beside you until you want it to go. 

Steady to wing means that fido sits beside you until the gun goes off. The shot is fired at the bird. Steady to fall means the dog sits until you send it after the bird is shot. There are dogs that aren't trained but are taken hunting and they leave when the gun is raised. Not Desireable. For lots of reasons. First of all a dog jumping to try to catch a low flying bird could get shot. And there are times when birds coming to decoys might have you start to raise your gun and then you see new birds approaching and if fido jumped when you started handling your gun he could scare them away before they were shootable. 

My dogs are  released on their names. Even as babies. When the birds fall I line them up and say their name. Then when we get to the advanced level, When we run blind retrieves, or if we are at a trial and we have doubt that the dog saw the bird fall we send the dog on "BACK"! "BACK" means go and in the 40's and 50's and even later dogs were lined up and told Back every time they were released or sent to retrieve. But not here. We send on names and then when there is doubt that fido saw the bird down they we will use "Back"

I will teach the dog to hunt the cover with the words Hunt Em Up. When we let a dog out to air (go to the restroom)  I use HIGH ON! Why? Because I  condition the dog to respond to the command as a baby each time I see it go. Then when I let them out at the fields edge I can tell them which I want done. By the way, I believe that in the Old Queens English that maybe "HIGH ON" means "HURRY"!!! 

We do lots of retrieving with puppies, We use lots of pigeons, Both live and dead. Also we have a ready supply of ducks and pheasants. We use dummies for a lot of the training also. We have them retrieve both on land and water. 

In the HEAD START program we introduce guns and decoys, Not much obedience. At 5 months we start formal Obedience. We believe that marking abilities can be refined and improved with practice and this is the most important part of a retriever doing his job.  We introduce the  water guns and decoys. When fido has been through the Head Start program he or she is ready to train. They will be BOLD, And SELF CONFIDENT and ready to go out into the WORLD.




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